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Castle Stone

Castle Stone: Buff


Cobblestone: Bucks County Cobblestone: Chardonnay Cobblestone: Southern Wheat Cobblestone: Spur Lock

Field Stone

Field Stone: Arkansas Field Stone: Bucks Country Field Stone: Chardonnay Field Stone: Natural Field Stone: Rustic Bark Field Stone: Southern Wheat


Hackett: Arkansas with light brown Hackett: Bucks County Hackett: Bucks County with 6x8 trim Hackett: Chardonnay Hackett: Southern Wheat

Ledge Stone

Ledge Stone Ledge Stone: Arkansas Ledge Stone: Dark Brown Ledge Stone: Natural Ledge Stone: Spur Lock

Mountain Rubble

Mountain Rubble: Rustic Bark

Quick Fit

Quick Fit: Antique Quick Fit: Antique2 Quick Fit: Arkansas Quick Fit: Brown Quick Fit: Bucks Country Quick Fit: Natural

River Rock

River Rock: Chardonnay River Rock: Natural River Rock: Southern Wheat River Rock: Spur Lock

Stack Stone

Stack Stone: Arkansas Stack Stone: Brown

20-Year Warranty

Manufactured Materials Warranty: 20 Year, Non- Prorated Limited Warranty

Arkansas Rock Designs warrants its manufactured products for a period of 20 years from the current date of purchase. All materials covered under the warranty will be remedied by ad at the discretion of Arkansas Rock Designs. Arkansas Rock Designs requires its products to be installed on structures and surfaces that conform to local building codes.

This limited warranty covers only materials manufactured by Arkansas Rock Designs that are deemed to be defective by Arkansas Rock Designs. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from the following: Improper application, installation or maintenance, willful abuse, damage resulting from foundation or sub-straight movement or shifting, fire, earthquake or wind, discoloration due to: air pollution, exposure to chemicals, normal weathering, efflorescence or oxidation, contact with paint or chemicals as well as the use of a pressure washer to clean or any other causes beyond the control of the manufacturer.

NOTE: This product is not recommended for use on surfaces being used for foot or vehicle traffic or in direct and constant contact with grounds/soil and will not cover under this warranty when used in this application.

Arkansas Rock Designs reserves the right to make changes and or discontinue any of its products without notification. In the event a product is deemed defective by Arkansas Rock Designs and is no longer available, Arkansas Rock Designs will have the right to substitute the defective product with a product of equal value.